From Young Musicians:

The tutors were really nice - 2015 age
16 female

It was better than I expected. I really liked the pieces we played and I made lots of new friends - 2015 age 10 female

The course stretched me after a long break from lessons - 2015 age 12 female

I really like the course - 2015 age 17 male

I liked playing in the big orchestras and bands because it was a challenge - 2015
age 13

I made new friends and had lots and lots of fun - 2015 age 13 male

The course was different to my expectations because there was a lot more variety then I originally thought there would be - 2015 age 13 male

Thank you for a wonderful course - I've really enjoyed it for the six years I've been and I was so glad to be back this year after the flute holiday last year! Best of luck for further successful years to come! :) - 2015 age 18 female

I enjoyed the orchestra because it always sounds amazing when everything is brought together on the final day. I also liked the choir because I enjoy singing and it's something different to playing my instrument - 2015 age 15 female

I liked playing as a whole orchestra because the pieces were really good and challenging. I  enjoyed the concert. I like being able to see my friends and enjoy the lunchtime. I enjoy working in the small group too. - 2015 age 14 female

Summer music fun can never be predicted it is always different and always fun! - 2015 age 10 male

I enjoy Orchestra and Jazz Band because we played well known and popular pieces - 2015 age 13 female

I enjoyed the course; it was epic and fun, mainly fun - 2015 age 9 female





From Parents:

Thank you for such an enjoyable few days that my daughter had at Summer Music Fun, and for a lovely concert at the end of it all - 2015

Just wanted to write and thank you for another wonderful Summer Music Fun.  My daughter really enjoyed it and we loved the concert last night; it was amazing!  It is unbelievable to see what they can achieve in only 3 days - 2015

Wonderful concert - 2015

My wife and I really enjoyed your concert tonight. I thought the music was excellent and I also really enjoyed seeing ao many young people enjoying themselves and being with each other. You give them much more than just music. Our daughter had a great time and has come home full of beans. Well done to you - I think you should be really proud of what you have achieved. She is already looking forward to next year - 2015

From Others:

We are only too pleased to help with this marvellous project - 2015 Haverhill Arts Centre

Thank you very much for inviting us along to the concert. We very much enojoyed it - 2015 Millers Music, supporters of SMF